Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jett is not feeling well

It's me. Gregory.
This is a picture of Jett and Daddy when they were both a whole lot younger.
I wanted to jot down a few words today to let everyone know that Jett is not feeling well at all. Daddy took him to the beterinarian and she looked him up and down and side to side and said, "Jett is not feeling well." For this, Daddy spent a million dollars.

While he was there, Jett got stuck with needles and the beterinarian also took his temperature, which was, as they say, no picnic. The next day, the beterinarian reviewed all of the tests and confirmed that Jett is in kidney failure. This is not the best kind of news we could get. Daddy was not thrilled at all and Jett has been hiding in the closet, even though Daddy always says, "We don't do closets in this house."

After Daddy talked to the beterinarian, he crawled down on the floor in the back of the closet with Jett. I went in there too, to see what was going on because I don't like to miss anything. That's when daddy told Jett and me what the doctor said. Daddy is very sad, but he told us he will keep Jett as happy and as comfortable as possible, for as long as possible and that he loves us both very much.

Can I just say that this really stinks? I mean a lot. A whole lot.
Daddy depends on Jett and me to take care of him and keep him happy and healthy. Now it is up to Daddy and me to take care of Jett and keep him happy and healthy.

The worst part is that the doctor told Daddy he has to stick needles into Jett every day. I think she is crazy. Is that what you do when you love someone? Daddy will do anything for Jett, even if it means following the advice of a crazy lady. Obviously, our Daddy is not playing with a full combination plate. I always disappear real fast when I see Daddy coming with the needle, because I do not want Daddy to stick me too. After Daddy pulls out the needle, then he mixes Jett a smoothie with turkey and tuna drippings. THAT is what you do when you love somebody. And it just so happens that is also the time when I reappear. I have to show Jett how delicious the smoothie is and tell him he should try it.

After Jett eats some of his smoothie, I sit next to him and lick the top of his head. He likes that a lot and it makes him feel better, expecially when little drops of smoothie have landed on his head and need to be cleaned up.

That is all for now.


P.S. - Auditions for my big Broadway musical have been postponed while we focus on taking care of Jett. For further information on "Hello, Dubai" and my other theatrical ventures, please contact my publicist.