Sunday, July 22, 2007

Time Flies!

Well! Dear readers, I must say it's been a very busy Summer for us at Casa Figaro, here in El Valle del Gigante Verde, on the beautiful banks of the Mahoo Grande River. The wildflowers are in full blossom. It's an explosion of colors and each and every one is absolutely delicious. I have been splitting my time between Hollywood and my private island and trying to get some much needed R & R - rest and rodents. I have also been busy watching mooveez. Last week, I watched something with Esther Williams. She must have been extremely brave, getting wet in all those pictures. I am considering starring in a remake of some of them and in preparation for production I've been doing a lot of scuba diving. The wet suit is just not my style. Neither is getting my coat wet. It's a serious quandry, let me tell you! Not to mention the look of shock on the faces of those fishies when I swim around, waving at them. I try to maintain the splendor of their natural habitat, but they certainly do look tasty. Gotta run. My agent is trying to get me to commit to a project entirely unsuitable for my particular talents and I must stop him before he does something that will land him in deep doodoo.